“We have been customers of Tracy Johnson’s  for about 5 years. The reason that we have continued to purchase her jewelry is that it is beautiful. Her work is of the highest craftsmanship and if we have any question or concern, she has gone out of her way to immediately respond and resolve the issue. Her pieces are always  wearable, whether at a casual dinner party or at a formal event. And every time my wife has worn one of her creations, she has received a compliment.”

–Alan and Marion, NY 

Distracted while driving all the way to Sugarloaf. My ring is breathtaking. When the sun hits it, oh my gosh. Beyond words. This ring needs to be entered into a jewelry show!!! Stunning. I’m in love with it. Poseidon keeps yielding new treasures. Every day I find new elements in my beautiful ring to admire. My oldest daughter calls it my “wearable art” I’m loving it. Thank you for creating such beauty. It surely is. And in the sunlight, it is magically. My 5 year old granddaughter calls it YaYa’s magic ring. It really is spectacular. I couldn’t be more pleased!

–Lynne, ME

“I LOVE my Tracy Johnson ring and get compliments every time I wear it. Tracy has a wonderful gift for creative, yet classic jewelry design. The ring she made for me will be passed down to my daughter and then to her daughter, I am sure.  It is an exquisite, timeless piece of art. Best of all, her work is what I call ‘every day elegant.’  I can wear my ring with jeans or an evening dress.”

–Angenette, NE

“Tracy’s jewelry is timeless. Each piece is unique and so wonderful to wear. I never save them for special occasions because every day is a special occasion when you wear a piece of Tracy’s jewelry.”

–Barbara, ME

“I’m not sure which was the chicken and which was the egg.  My wife Kate and I were falling in love and contemplating marriage and we flirted with the idea by looking at jewelry.  Encountering Tracy’s designs startled us because somehow her intertwining branches and leaves captured the beauty and struggle that we felt in our lives and in our love.  The engagement ring we found helped us to see how serious we were about the adventure ahead.  Then we had the pleasure of finding and meeting Tracy to design my wedding band, earrings to honor the birth of our daughter and rings on a necklace to celebrate as our family grew with the arrival of our son.  Tracy and her jewelry have been with us through all the magical moments and we’re excited about new ones on the horizon.”

–John and Kate, VT

“Since meeting Tracy Johnson 15 years ago and buying first a simple garnet necklace, I have continued to be impressed by her art. Tracy has a wonderful way of working with her customer to understand what she wants and then making something beautiful to fit the person perfectly.  I wear Tracy’s jewelry every day, whatever I am doing for the day or evening.”

–Elizabeth, ME

“Over the years, I have chosen Tracy to design something stunning for those special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and Christmas. She uses the most brilliant and unusual stones to transform pieces of metal into works of art.  I can always rely on Tracy’s artistic imagination to create the perfect piece of jewelry.”

–Margaret, ME

“So how many people could even think of reproducing the look of a hot-air balloon in gold? Not only did you do an excellent job, but you pleased the heck out of my wife (always a good thing!) The diamond burner effect was perfect, too. I’m so pleased with the look that I bought a new balloon to look exactly like the original. Now I’m thinking of having cloisoinne pins made to look similar. Thank you for your efforts, and for the opportunity to reproduce your Dad’s work in re-making your sign. I can see in your work the ethics Johnny had, and the application of his teachings. Thank you for the constant reminder of my years working with him and getting to know your family.”

–Randy, CT

“Hi! I never got my ‘thank you’ note written, so I’m using this format to do so. Both Stew and I thoroughly enjoyed the visit to your studio/home. It was such a beautiful day that was heightened by the most pleasant and peaceful time with you! Not to mention my purchase! The spinners have become part of my short list of regular earrings for everyday. And to top it off, what a bonus I received—a lovely TJ pad of paper (I love various stationery products) and the jewelry cleaner which I am using too. Everything you do seems to have an extra touch of care and beauty (the cleaner in the gold little sack with drawstring). There was yet another bonus for us. Experiencing your studio, patio, house and yard with your easy commentary was very special. You are a gem in the world of gems!!!”

–Lynda, ME

“I have been a loyal customer of Tracy Johnson’s since my future husband commissioned my first piece a jewelry back in 1982: a carnelian ring as a token of his affection. When I left my job to move away with him, my boss gave me a set of amethyst earrings and a necklace the same year. Ever since then I have given and received Tracy’s jewelry as gifts and also promoted her work professionally. I had the opportunity to represent Tracy in New York City through my wholesale showroom in the garment center, and also as a business owner of a fine jewelry and gift gallery in Blue Hill, Maine.

    “In my mind there is no jeweler who speaks through her work quite as well as Tracy. Her creations are informed by her passion for beauty and form, color and combination. Gemstones balance with the radiance of high karat gold, and the design is shaped organically as she adheres to the stone’s intrinsic essence. Tracy Johnson is truly an artist. Her work is transformative, and the jewelry illuminated.”

–Deb, ME

“Just a note to say how much I love this ring. It feels so good on my hand and looks stunning. Thank you!”

–Janika, ME

“I just love the ring you made.  It is perfect.  You were exactly right about it being a synergy between you and us, and that it might not be exactly as I had envisioned it but I would love it. And, because you said that earlier, I sort of stopped fine-tuning the design in my head, and just trusted.  It is perfect, and feels wonderful on my finger.  The sizing is perfect, too.  Some might have made it smaller, but  my hands and joints swell and the un-swell regularly, and think the size is right on.”

–Maret, ME

“While trying to think of a meaningful and unique gift for a dear friend of mine, a light bulb went on and I excitedly went to Tracy’s website. As usual, I was mesmerized by the beauty of Tracy’s work. Inspired by one of Tracy’s pieces in particular, the circle wreath pendant, I contacted her to see if she could do a similar custom design for my friend. Tracy enthusiastically agreed and guided me through the process of how she would create my one-of-a-kind necklace. I was able to pick out the amethyst, gold, chain and the bale via computer and a few phone calls. When Tracy completed the custom, four-rabbit mold, she forwarded a photo for my approval. I was so pleased with the final rabbit necklace I had Tracy create one for me too! Tracy is a pleasure to work with — easy-going, fun, professional and such a creative, skilled jeweler/artist.”

— Annie Withey, co-founder Annie’s Inc.