Elegant Handcrafted Jewelry, for a Lifetime


Tracy Johnson has been hand making fine jewelry in
Southern Maine and Mid Coast Maine for more than forty years.

Collect an Heirloom from the Coast of Maine.

The heart of beauty begins beating with the desire for something special…
and a custom treasure comes to life.



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Tracy Johnson’s jewelry is widely collected.
Her custom heirloom and repurposed creations are treasured for their lasting elegance.

Some Collection Favorites…

Tracy Johnson specializes in handmade 18k and 22k gold jewelry complemented with pearls,
Maine Tourmaline, and varieties of precious gemstones.

A Stone from Home…


The radiance of precious gems mined in Maine that capture the mystery and beauty of our state: Maine Amethyst, with its deep purple hue, is stunning against vibrant sterling silver. A green or red Maine Tourmaline glows against the luxurious depth of 22k gold.

Wear something that reminds you what it means to always be at home…

Tracy Johnson is committed to help her community preserve the heritage, lifestyle,
and natural resources of Maine coastal living.
Tracy Johnson Jewelry Tree Pin a walk in the woods

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Take A Walk in the Woods…


I have been a resident of Harpswell for almost 30 years. I have seen the changes that come with development and population growth. My desire is to help preserve lands and water access in Harpswell for generations to come. By purchasing the “Walk in the Woods” silver brooch, 30% of the sale will be donated to the Harpswell Heritage Land Trust. Your purchase will help to ensure public access to the beautiful natural lands and waters that surround us in Harpswell, Maine!


Harpswell Heritage Land Trust’s conservation and education work is only possible because of the generous support of community members such as Tracy Johnson.” –Julia McLeod, Outreach Director HHLT


Read Tim McCreight’s article on Tracy on the HHLT website

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