Tracy Johnson

Telling Her Story in Gemstones and Gold.

There is an eloquence to Tracy Johnson’s jewelry that speaks from the soul. It is a voice that translates the majesty of nature into harmonious textures and forms. Her works are like words turned into precious frameworks of gold and silver: places for rare and unusual gemstones and pearls to rest within, to inhabit, to find homes. Every piece is original—primitive and bold, yet crafted to resolve into classically elegant structures. Johnson’s designs are ageless and they honor an ancient craft. She fuses skills as old as jewelry making itself with the most sophisticated modern techniques: forging, hammering, casting, carving. “The immediacy of fabricating in gold is exhilarating.”

Tracy Johnson tells her story in gemstones and gold. Her artist’s voice passionately speaks of what she observes within nature’s infinite intricacies. Inspired by the austerity of the Pacific coast, the exotic brilliance of Bali, and the fragrant gardens surrounding her seaside studio in Maine—with its breathtaking views of Harpswell Sound—Johnson continues to tell her story and build her legacy in metal. The entertainers, artists, and private collectors for whom she has designed during the span of her career agree, “Every piece should be worn, enjoyed, and passed down for many generations to come. They are works of art. They are heirlooms.”

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